Saturday, August 29, 2009

Random Pics

Thought I would share this random assortment of photos from this month which haven't previously made the blog. Enjoy!

A rare Mommy and me picI love this one of Kev and Kaitlynn. Look how they adore each other!
The boys had some fun with this one...looks like K is holding the remote.

Apparently she's also a fan of the Playstation.
Jeff attended the Houston Texans luncheon this year and was able to sit next to Dwayne Brown, our starting left tackle. He's a big dude!
Connor and Kaitlynn sharing some couch time.
I love this one with their smiles!
Watching some TV. Kaitlynn seems to be a fan already.
Sweet smile!Julie and Timothy joined us for a playdate at the mall.
Kara and Maya enjoyed seeing Kaitlynn again.

And now for the sleepy portion of our photos...

Daddy and Kaitlynn wore each other out.
Sleepy girl.
Kaitlynn sleeps just like Connor did as a baby...
With her arms flung up near her head.
Here's Connor in the same position.
And here's another one. They are so much alike!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Houston, We Have a New Driver

It's official. Collin is a fully licensed driver now! We bought him his first car, which if you ask me is super nice for a first car. (It's a used Volvo S60 sedan.) He was very excited about getting his license and car ready just in time for the new school year. And it'll be a huge help having an extra driver in the family considering all the boys' before and after school activities. I admit it's been a little strange to see Collin driving away all by himself for various errands. But so far he's proving himself to be a responsible driver and we're hoping this continues. By the way, I always knew it was expensive to insure teenage male drivers, but OMG!! It costs more to insure Collin than it does for Jeff and I combined with 2 vehicles!

Collin and Connor show off Collin's new ride.
Collin spent all day Sunday cleaning his car for his first day of school.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's That Time of Year Again

No, I'm not talking about school -- although that's what most families are concerned with these days. I'm actually referring to... Houston Texans football! Yep, it's football season again. Which means I'll be seeing much less of my husband on the weekends until the end of the year. The hopes for the team were high this year, that is until the team stunk it up against the Saints in the first pre-season game on Saturday. Oh well, maybe they'll surprise us and turn it around.

Connor insisted on wearing his Norway hat to the first pre-season game. He calls it his Texans hat.
Jeff and Connor had a blast at the game.
And yes, Connor was using the binoculars to check out the "hottie" cheerleaders.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kaitlynn Update

Kaitlynn had her 2-month checkup yesterday. With shots. I had been preparing myself for her to cry and scream like crazy, but surprisingly she did great! There were 3 shots, and by the 3rd one her face was bright red as she worked herself up to a huge scream. But after that scream, she took her paci and calmed right down. And less than a minute later, she was giving me smiles and coos again! It was a different story later in the day, though. She was very fussy and at times inconsolable, poor thing. Everytime we picked her up or touched her, she just cried miserably. I felt so bad!

Here are her stats: Height - 22 inches (50th percentile), Weight - 13 pounds (95th percentile), and Head - 90th percentile (can't remember the measurement). I think they messed up her height measurement because it was the same at her 2-week checkup, so I suspect she's longer/taller than that. Nevertheless she is growing like a weed!

The doctor immediately addressed K's huge belly button (umbilical hernia). I was surprised to learn that the condition is not hereditary, despite Connor also having it when he was a baby. But just like his did, K's belly button should go down soon leaving her the same little wrinkled-skin button like her brother's.

The other topic I discussed with Dr. Pope was Kaitlynn's sleeping. He always gave great advice to us to help us with Connor's sleep habits. At 2 months and 13 pounds, Kaitlynn should be well on her way to 8-hour stretches at nighttime. But no luck so far. Every other night or so, she'll sleep 6-7 hours but I'm ready for it to be longer and more consistent. At the doctor's advice, I'll wait until she's 3-4 months and then we have to start the "tough love" to get her to sleep 12 hours at night.

Here are some sweet pics of our baby girl.

Thought I'd try to get a shot of her "mad" face.
Here's Connor's same mad face from 3 years ago!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Florida Vacay (part II)

We arrived home yesterday afternoon after a wonderful week of fun in Florida hosted by Grandma and Grandpa Courtright. Thanks for opening your home to all 6 of us! We had a nice relaxing time and really enjoyed all the activities. Here's the last group of pics from our trip.

Not sure who took this picture of Connor sleeping. He and Collin shared a bed all week and we usually peeked in to find Connor in very unusual positions. Connor reported that Collin was "making noise" (we assume he meant snoring) and Collin said that Connor wouldn't stop cuddling up to him all night!
Connor's new obsession: drumming. Everything is a drum, especially Grandma's nice tables. And everything else is a drumstick, including straws and markers.
Collin and Kaitlynn: One minute they were awake...
And the next minute they were both out.
Connor loves dancing at the square with Dad. Every night they have a live band.
Jeff and Kaitlynn dancing. She pretended to be asleep the whole time.
Quick family photo.
Now here's the whole Courtright gang.
Snuggle time.
My sweet babies.
Sweet smile.
The guys had their annual Gulf fishing trip with Cap'n Dan.
Jeff's brother Chris joined them and had the most catches.
Just chillin' on the boat.
Collin with a nice catch.
Finally, on the airplane heading home. The girl in the blue shirt sat next to Connor and he was the hugest flirt with her the entire trip. We joked that he was stealing Collin's "game!"

And this is how Kaitlynn spent the flight home. Is that a scowl on her sleeping face?