Thursday, March 30, 2017

TBarM Camp 2016

Another favorite summer activity that the kids share is the awesome week of TBarM day camp. Connor and Kaitlynn were so excited for the full week of fun, and the camp photos published throughout the week proved that there was no shortage of excitement! I don't have captions for the photos -- the fun speaks for itself!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pine Cove 2016

Our summers wouldn't feel complete without the kids' favorite camp, Pine Cove! They love this week of camp so much and come home every day wiped out from all the fun.

Welcome to Pine Cove Camp in the City!

Kaitlynn was thrilled to be cabin-mates with one of her favorite friends, Libby.

Sweet girls at camp.

Love this photo of Connor enjoying one of the waterslides.

Kaitlynn and the girls during worship time.

Kaitlynn was having so much fun that she almost lost her swimsuit, ha!

Connor's cabin of boys enjoyed the many games.

They were serious and ready to battle.

Kaitlynn with her group and cabin leader.

Here's the official cabin photo for Kaitlynn's group.

Cabin photo of Connor's group.

More play time.

At the end of the camp, the kids and parents love to come together and celebrate the amazing week of camp. The camp counselors celebrate each camper by presenting them with a certificate of Character Qualities that are unique for each child. Such an amazing week for all!

Libby and Kaitlynn at the closing ceremony.

Kaitlynn with her sweet camp counselor.

Presentation of character qualities.

Connor with his counselor.

One last ride on Shamu before leaving Pine Cove.