Saturday, May 30, 2015

Connor's Birthday Weekend

Why is it that every single year Connor's birthday sneaks up on me? This year was no exception but we tried to make it special for him.

On the Friday before his birthday, we picked up some donuts for Connor's classmates to enjoy during snack time at school. Connor is a HUGE donut fan and an even bigger Shipley's fan. We made a morning stop at Shipley's and he tried out a new donut, the bear claw. Now that's his new favorite! On that same day, it was Field Day at school. So he had a pretty great start to his birthday weekend.

Connor and Kaitlynn dressed and ready for Field Day.

Connor's birthday bear claw.

We decided to let Connor invite a few of his school friends over for a birthday sleepover. We ordered a cookie cake and some pizza, and they all had a great time swimming, playing football, and playing video games. I tell ya, a house full of boys that age is interesting! I'm exhausted all over again just thinking about it!

Birthday cookie cake, Houston Texans theme of course!

Always a favorite, yummy!

Connor with a few of his buddies for a sleepover.

On Connor's actual birthday, he was excited to open a few gifts. The most important thing on his list was a new Houston Texans baseball cap that has the Houston skyline on the inside of the bill. You would've thought this kid won the lottery from his excitement about that hat! Not sure if he's taken it off since!

Connor opens his birthday gifts.

His favorite birthday gift -- a Houston Texans cap.

The underside of the baseball cap, very cool indeed.

Later on his birthday, Connor had one of his very best school friends over to play. They've been best buddies for a couple years but this was the first time we managed to have him over for a visit. Those were 2 excited kids! They played and went to CiCi's Pizza for lunch, still on the top of Connor's favorite spots to eat.

Happy 9th birthday, buddy!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pretty in Purple

Another collection of photos, this time from Easter Sunday. We don't usually buy special outfits for Easter, but Kaitlynn dug through her closet and found this purple dress that she's been wanting to wear for years but it was always too big. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. Then she found matching princess shoes AND she requested that I fix her hair extra "fluffy" that morning. She also made sure to pick out a matching shirt for Sweet Daddy. Happy girl!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jeff's Truck: The Next Chapter

We lost a family member in the Courtright household this month. OK, so not an actual family member. But sort of. After 11 years and 190,000 miles, Jeff finally had to part with his beloved Dodge Ram truck.

Poor truck, it was just costing too much money to keep the thing running. Jeff gave it chance after chance (and paid more than his fair share of mechanic bills) but we eventually had to face the sad truth: it was time to move on.

Jeff's last photo of his red truck. R.I.P. Dodge Ram, you were good to us. Note the serious expression on Jeff's face.

Anyone who knows Jeff would admit that this big red beast of a truck has Jeff written all over it. From the day he bought it, it fit him like a glove.

First photo of Jeff with his brand new Dodge Ram. Awww, he looks SO YOUNG!

Jeff and his new Dodge back in 2004.

Not only was this truck Jeff's sidekick, but it's been a part of our family through so many milestones. We don't even know our lives as a family without this truck. Let's take a stroll down memory lane and relive some memories in Jeff's truck.

By far my favorite photo of Jeff's truck with little Collin and Kevin -- wow!!

Jeff and little Connor in front of the big red beast.

Christmas caroling in Jeff's truck with all 4 kiddos.

Little Connor (with curls!) and Kevin hanging out in the back.

Taking baby Connor for a bike trailer ride.

Connor and little Kaitlynn go for a ride in Daddy's truck.

Tailgating, a Courtright tradition.

What incredible memories we've had with Jeff's awesome red truck. We are SO going to miss it. And it's going to take some time to get used to the new color and look, but without further ado....

Introducing Jeff's Truck: The Next Chapter!

Here ya go, the new WHITE beast!

He's not a bit proud!

After MONTHS of fighting the need for a new vehicle, Jeff finally admitted it was time. Then began WEEKS of back-and-forth over what he wanted and how much he wanted to pay. In the end, we all agreed that Jeff deserved a nice truck so we might have splurged a little bit. But no doubt, this one is going to take him into his golden years of retirement, ha!

Beautiful, we love it!

Jeff's very first selfie with his new sidekick. Aww.

Look at that face! He is a HAPPY camper!

After going down the rabbit hole to find all of those family pictures and memories with Jeff's old truck, it makes me look forward to all of the future adventures and memories to be had with this new one. Kind of amazing to think of all the things this truck will be a part of in our future as a family. Congrats on your new truck, Babe!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Photo Catch-up

As usual, I started sorting through pictures on my phone and realized there were so many that I hadn't published yet. So here comes a random collection of photos, some that go as far back as February! Lots of updates with these pics so here goes.

First swim of 2015 -- this picture was actually taken in mid-February amidst all of the cold weather. We had one sunny day in between a bunch of gray and dreary ones, so the kids couldn't resist a swim.

No joke, they actually went swimming in February!

That water was COLD. They are crazy kids!

Also in February, Kaitlynn was super excited to be able to celebrate with her best friend, Anais, on Anais's 6th birthday. Her party was at Sweet and Sassy, so fun!

Striking a pose with the birthday girl.

Makeovers and a glow stick dance party, FUN!

Then they enjoyed some ice cream and had a sleepover.

The kids are at the ages now where they constantly want friends over to play. Any chance for a playdate always brings out the big smiles.

This was Kaitlynn's expression one day when I surprised her with a special playdate with a school friend.

Kaitlynn and her best friend at school, Haasini. Such sweet girls.

Haasini gave Kaitlynn an Elsa doll. Apparently Kaitlynn had been asking her for one. Oh boy!

Princess playtime with Lily. Check out those smiles!

Matching swimsuits, too cute!

The Aasmyr and Courtright kiddos.

Now here's some pictures I found from various school events and activities since early Spring.

Go Texan Day at school, when the kiddos get to dress in their Western gear. Cutest cowgirl ever!


This was Connor's idea of "Go Texans" day. Connor went for the Houston Texan look instead of rodeo, ha!

I was the Junior Achievement volunteer for Kaitlynn's kindergarten class. Love the extra time with my girl!

I found this in Kaitlynn's writing journal at school. LOVE!!

And then there was this. What now?? (Disney World marketing folks are pure geniuses.)

Kaitlynn at her desk in school.

Kaitlynn's kindergarten teacher team is AMAZING! They all dressed up for Dr. Seuss week at school -- how cute are they?!

Also during Dr. Seuss week, Kaitlynn dressed like her favorite animal. Cute zebra!!

Kaitlynn's teacher, Mrs. Wright, turned 50 this year. All of the Kinder teachers dressed in black to celebrate. So cute!

In the car line before school one morning. Love this kid.

Bedtime stories one night. Kaitlynn has become SUCH a great reader!

Kaitlynn's choice for her favorite book to take to her weekly reading class. :-)

So now here is a very strange series of photos taken in restaurant booths throughout the spring. Apparently (1) we eat out a lot and (2) Kaitlynn and Jeff really enjoy some PDA (public displays of affection). Those two!

We went out for dinner one night and Kaitlynn was giving lots of love to her Sweet Daddy.

These two!

Finally, Kaitlynn is on a roll with her loose teeth now. She begs and begs me to pull out the teeth, but then she cries because it bothers her. For her 2nd tooth, it was quite the ordeal.

Dangling but too stubborn to come out easily.

Some tears ensued, but finally... Success!

Tooth fairy LOOT!