Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Fashion

It's officially fall again here in Houston. Translation: we finally have some cooler temperatures after the long miserable summer. I get SO excited at this time of year when I get to break out Kaitlynn's fall wardrobe. It makes me downright giddy to dress her in the fun outfits with tights, boots, and coordinating accessories. I've been collecting photos of some of Kaitlynn's ensembles, just like I did this time last year. (I went back and looked at that post - OH my, how she has grown!) So anyway, enjoy these latest Fall Fashions modeled by Kaitlynn herself!

I kinda think she was giving me a dirty look from taking too many photos...

And of course, our fashion show wouldn't be complete unless we included Connor's fall favorites as well.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Outtakes

Don't cross her or you'll get "the look."

Jeff was giving Kaitlynn a horsey ride and had an unexpected passenger: cousin Matt.

I have no idea what startled Jeff so much ...

But whatever it was, it came back to haunt Kevin a few pictures later.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Courtright Thanksgiving Through the Years

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

I couldn't find any previous Thanksgiving fireplace pictures, but I did find the following gem from 2006.

Our 3 boys with Nana and Grandpa, Thanksgiving 2006


We had another wonderful trip to Michigan this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas (a.k.a. Thanksmas) with Jeff's extended family. It's the one time each year we all get together so it's an extra special time with lots of food, fun, and wonderful memories. Jeff's Aunt Patti and Uncle John are our incredible hosts each year, finding 30-plus adults and children a place to stay in neighboring homes and then having everyone over during the day at their beautiful cabin, tucked away in the woods. I finally remembered to take a picture of it this year.

Aunt Patti and Uncle John's cabin home in the woods. Isn't it beautiful?

We feel so fortunate to visit Michigan each year and enjoy such a wonderful time with family and friends during Thanksgiving. Our kids all look forward to it as much as we do! Here are some (OK, a LOT of) pictures from our awesome visit.

This is where we stayed during our visit, at this gorgeous home belonging to Aunt Patti and Uncle John's neighbors. It's just a short walk down the secluded drive.

The kids love staying there because of the toys, bunk beds, and air hockey table!

This is Kaitlynn's cousin Lennyn, and they were so cute playing together this trip. (When they weren't fighting over baby dolls, haha!)

The boys love to wrestle.

Kaitlynn had some quality time with her brothers during our trip.

Playing pool.

Another source of fun during our trip: playing with Riley the dog. Twice her size and so sweet!

The Daddy train.

Peek a boo!

A mouth full of apples.

Loved Lennyn's precious turkey day outfit!
Collin and Kaitlynn spent a lot of time together this trip. They have really missed each other now that he's at college.

Jeff lost a bet (that he won't admit to) and was forced to wear Jon's Oakland Raiders jersey for the day.

The kids table was lots of fun all week.

Connor was most excited about playing with his cousin Liam.

Collin and Kaitlynn.

Kevin kept the fire going all week.

Connor was obsessed with football on Thanksgiving day.

Kaitlynn with Uncle Chris (Jeff's brother).

Playing cards, a Thanksgiving tradition.

Shooting some pool.

Nana got some quality time with Kaitlynn.

The kids' table at Thanksgiving.

Jeff and Chris washed the Thanksgiving dishes.

On Thanksgiving night, we hold our Christmas celebration with songs and gift exchanges.

Quality time with her brothers.

Uncle Denny and Cousin Matt entertain us with Christmas carols as we all sing along, Jeff's favorite part of the week!

This is only part of our gathering. Love that Riley right in the middle!

Kaitlynn's gift was Brianna the doll with feeding accessories.

She LOVES it!

Connor with one of his gifts.

Kevin got his own set of poker chips.

...As did Collin.

Jeff with his new Texans wallet.

Poker around the pool table.

Kaitlynn with Riley the dog.

Going for a walk.

The other half of the group stayed at a beach cottage right on Lake Michigan. We visited to check out the gorgeous views!

Jeff reading to Connor and Kaitlynn.

Here's the Courtright clan with Grandpa Dave, Nana, and Uncle Chris.