Sunday, October 25, 2015

Meeting the Teachers, 2015 Edition

As summer quickly came to an end, it was time for one of our favorite activities: meeting the kids' new teachers! Even though neither kid was very excited about returning to school, they were both looking forward to visiting their classrooms and meeting their teachers for the first time. They were also curious to find out which of their friends would be in their classes this year.

Selfie on the way to Meet the Teacher night at school.

The school is always abuzz with excitement at these types of events, and this night was no different. We saw parents and friends that we hadn't seen all summer, so everyone was happy and hugging to welcome one another back. Even Chuck E. Cheese was on hand for the fun.

Kaitlynn hearts Chuck E.!

Before we could make our way to the kids' classrooms, Kaitlynn had a very important first stop to make. She just HAD to hug the neck of her awesome kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Wright. Oh how we love this woman! There is just something special about kindergarten teachers that makes us never forget them!

So happy to reunite with Mrs. Wright!

Next stop was Connor's 4th grade classroom. Connor's classroom "looped" up with the same teaching team this year, which means that he would have the same two teachers from last year (one for math/science and the other for language arts/reading). But since his homeroom (math/science) teacher didn't return this year, Connor was anxious to meet his new homeroom teacher, Mrs. Vivier. We all loved her and could tell right away that it would be another great year. And Connor loves the fact that he'll probably be taller than her by the end of the school year, ha!

Mrs. Vivier and Connor at Meet the Teacher night.

Connor was of course excited to have most of his friends from last year returning this year in 4th grade. Connor and his best friend, Jayden, have been in the same class for 3 years now. Happy boys!

Connor found his desk with his school supplies.

Connor with two buddies, Javier and Jayden.

After finishing up in Connor's classroom, it was time to head over to meet Kaitlynn's teacher. Kaitlynn was SO excited, although she had to overcome a little shyness at first. She was initially disappointed that none of her close friends from kindergarten would be in her 1st grade class, but she quickly got over that because she was so excited about her new teacher, Mrs. Hebert.

Kaitlynn and her precious teacher, Mrs. Hebert.

Kaitlynn quickly located her desk and was very excited to see who she would be sitting next to. She recognized a few students from her class last year, too. I think it started to sink in for her that she was now officially a 1st grader. So exciting!

Kaitlynn at her desk. She doesn't look a bit excited to be a 1st grader!

Welcome to 1st grade!

We are so thankful for such a great elementary school with loving teachers for both of our kids. No doubt it will be another wonderful year at WoodCreek!

Connor and Kaitlynn, ready for another awesome school year at WoodCreek!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Start of KYF Football Season

This year, both kids signed up again to play football (Connor) and cheer (Kaitlynn) for the Katy Youth Football Texans. Their practices started well before school so they could get ready for the upcoming season. This year, Jeff became one of the assistant coaches for Connor's team, so it has been even busier than usual managing the practice and game schedule.

AND the football practices begin. Coach Jeff takes the "breakdown" position seriously, ha!

Cheer practice, love our girls and Coach Janna!

To kick off the year of cheer, Kaitlynn's cheer squad participated in a camp to learn some cheers and a dance they would perform throughout the season. It's a fun way to get the cheer season started.

Ready for cheer camp.

Cute girls!

We have been SO thankful to Kaitlynn's cheer coach, Coach Janna. Janna has a son on Connor's football team, and she graciously agreed to coach the girls this year even though she doesn't even have a daughter.

Coach Janna always makes special treats for the girls, so sweet

To kick off the 2015 season for our league, Katy Youth Football hosted a night of opening ceremonies where the kids received their uniforms, were introduced on the field, and the cheerleaders performed for everyone. It was a HOT day but the kids seemed to have a good time.

He loves his new jersey.

It was a HOT afternoon and my little Goldilocks wasn't having it!

Lined up and ready to go.

Coach Janna did a great job of keeping the girls happy on the sidelines.

Cute selfie with Coach Janna and the girls.

Cheer coaches with the girls on the field.

Love this photo on the field of Connor and Kaitlynn, player and cheerleader!

Now let's play some Katy football!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Wrapping up Summer 2015

It never fails that our summers always fly by. This one was no different. We had to pack in a lot of fun in August to fit it all in before school started. Errands, dentist appointments, trips for special summer treats, parents day out fun, special outings with friends, you name it!

Whippin' our way to the end of summer, ha!

A back-to-school Baskin Robbins treat.

End of summer dental appointments.

Connor mustache you a question.

Kaitlynn, too. These were treats from the dentist :-)

Parents day out at our favorite gymnastics place!
More sweet treats.

Here Dad, let me help with your back!

Connor's favorite: a trip to CiCi's Pizza for lunch.

Kaitlynn's choice: Rainforest Café. This was actually a long overdue treat from her great end-of-year report card in June!

My kiddos and me on one of our last summer outings.

They were being silly on a trip to the mall.

A long overdue reunion with Kaitlynn's great friend Sofia from pre-K!

This was at Sofia's birthday party. Sweet friends!

On another outing with church, Kaitlynn enjoyed JumpStreet.

One of the kids' favorite times during the end of the summer was when we took them out to do some shopping. But this was no ordinary day of shopping. This was the first time that their MEAN Mom allowed them to spend their personal money that they had been saving from last Christmas and this year's birthdays.

Our kids are blessed with awesome grandparents who send them money for their special occasions throughout the year. And so many times throughout the year, the kids will beg to use their money on silly things like candy or cheap toys. It would be so easy to let them blow their money right away. After all, as Jeff always reminds me, it's THEIR money.

It might be their money, but I believe it's my job as their parent to help them learn how to make wise choices with that money. So I never let them spend it right away, and I ask that they are thoughtful with their decision on what to buy.

After discussing and planning for a special shopping trip all summer, we finally made it to the mall before school started so they could spend part of their money. Connor chose a video game and Kaitlynn bought several items at her favorite store. They must have inherited their Mom's love of spending; these were happy kiddos!

Kaitlynn discovered her new favorite store, Justice. Happy girl!

Connor's purchase, a new video game called Splatoon.

Each year at the end of the summer, we always make a special trip to get the back-to-school clothes, shoes, and haircuts. Poor Kaitlynn's hair had been in a bad state for quite a while, so I knew it was time for a big cut. I took her to the stylist and told her to cut off the dead ends. I guess her hair was worse than I thought, because boy did she chop off her hair! Oh, but it was so cute!!

She looks so GROWN UP!!

A new haircut always means more sass! LOVE!

Back to school shopping with these goofballs!

And JUST LIKE THAT, summer was over!

Friday, October 16, 2015

End of Summer Celebration with Cousins

We were SO excited when our Morgan cousins were able to make a special end-of-summer trip to visit us in Katy. With the kids getting older and all of their busy schedules, it gets harder and harder each year to find these times together.

My sister, Michelle, and her girls, Renee and Ryah, arrived on a Thursday evening and the rest of the gang, Alli, Makenna, Madison, and Marissa, arrived the following evening. Let the cousin fun begin!

After dinner at our favorite Mexican spot, Los Cucos!

How many cousins can we fit into a car?

Pool time!

Always lots of fun.

Meal times on the patio - genius!

More cousin swim time!

Memory game.

Kaitlynn and Marissa, best cousins!

Uncle Jeff explaining the rules of his pool cup game.


Silly Ryah!

Connor and Renee hung out all weekend making YouTube videos and playing Minecraft.

We are SO thankful that Michelle and Alli made the long drive to visit before school started and schedules got overly hectic. What a fun weekend!