Monday, September 28, 2015

A Whole TON of Summer FUN -- July Edition

In case it's not obvious, I'm WAY behind on the blog posts again. Let's go back to July to try and catch up!

The kids summer of fun continued into July with so many cool activities that it was hard to keep track! Family games, trips out for ice cream, movie afternoons...we made sure to pack in just as much fun in July as we could.

A summer family game night of Chickenfoot. I was surprised at how well the kids picked this up. We LOVE our game nights!

Cool for the summer.

A Daddy-Daughter ice cream sandwich date.

My 4th of July cuties.

Summer day at the movies.

My brother Ben had a week of training in Houston, so he came to visit for the weekend before his class. We love having Uncle Ben for a visit, even though we missed Aunt Charlotte this trip.

Pool time.

Dinner at Lupe Tortilla, Ben's favorite!

Uncle Ben fits right in with our silly kids!

Along with the typical summertime fun, the kids have to tag along with us on errands when they aren't already occupied with friends or summer camps. Sometimes that can be fun, but other times not so much...

Running errands with Mom in the summer can be a SCARY situation! haha

Family trip to Chuck E. Cheese, because Dad promised!

Do you think they were excited about their tokens?

My personal favorite part of July was when the time came to replace my old car. That's right, it was now MY turn! We actually weren't planning to replace my Expedition until later this year, but we ended up finding another one with all of the options I really liked. And when you buy used like we do, it can be tough to find everything you want in a vehicle. Jeff and I had a date night and went to test drive some cars, just to see what I might like. We saw one I liked, drove it, and bought it in less than 24 hours. That's just the way I do things, ha!

The kids came along to say goodbye to the old Expedition and welcome the new one. It's almost the same exact vehicle but is about 10 years newer, 100K fewer miles, and lots of new features that I'm loving already.

Bye to the old Expedition. It was a GREAT family vehicle for us!

Yay, a new vehicle for Mom!

All smiles in the new ride!

To wrap up July, the kids participated in another Vacation Bible School at a church near our neighborhood. It was a superhero theme and they had a great time.

Superhero VBS - fun!

Jesus is our superhero!

So I know I said that wrapped up July, but I actually left out a few big updates on the kids' summer camps and an awesome vacation for Jeff and me. Those are up next, stay tuned!