Wednesday, March 30, 2016

First game of the season

The beginning of a new school year always coincides with another fun time for the Courtright family -- a new season of our Houston Texans football! The anticipation leading up to the first game is always such an exciting time. Will our team go far? Is THIS our year? Will we ever have a decent QB?? Ha!

It's one of our favorite family activities, going together to watch our team. This year we attended one of the preseason games. It was hot but it was a great time.

Walking through the parking lot, Kaitlynn ran into a popular guy.

Kaitlynn and Mommy went inside early to escape the heat.

Our sunny seats.

Finally, Connor and Jeff joined us and the excitement was through the roof. Both kids were ready to cheer on the Texans.

Big smiles for our Texans.

They were so excited during the team introductions, ha!

Kaitlynn's favorite seat is always in her Daddy's lap.

Cue the game time gymnastics.

Go Texans!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

First Day of 4th and 1st Grade

After all the fun of the summer, it was time once again to start another school year. 4th grade for Connor and 1st grade for Kaitlynn. I think this was the first time starting a new school year that Connor was so vocal about not wanting to go back. He was pretty bummed that his lazy summer days were over. I had to get on to him several times (and still do) to keep his feelings in check so that he wouldn't ruin the excitement for Kaitlynn.

Before heading out on the first day, I made the kids take our customary 1st day of school photos on the front porch.

1st day of 4th grade for Connor

1st day of 1st grade for Kaitlynn

It was another warm summer day, so we decided to ride our bikes to school. The parents are allowed to walk the kids in on the first few days of school, so I accompanied each of them to their classrooms.

Ready to ride to school

Walking in the back entrance

First day picture with Ms. Vivier. Connor guessed that on the last day, he might be taller than her!

First day pic with Mrs. Hebert.

Kaitlynn was most excited to reunite with her best friend from kindergarten, Haasini, in the hallway. Big smiles!

Kaitlynn was ready for 1st grade!

As prepared as we felt for the start of school, there was one thing we were NOT expecting so soon. GERMS!!

That's right. On the night of the first day of school, Connor woke up vomiting. I had a huge mess to clean up in his room, so I got him settled in the game room with a big bowl on the "sick" couch covered with towels.

About 15 minutes later, Kaitlynn woke up complaining of feeling sick. I assumed she was just wanting some sympathy attention, but I gave her a bowl just in case. Right around the time I had cleaned Connor's room, I heard Kaitlynn again. Now SHE was vomiting, too. Noooooo!

The 2nd day of school. Not exactly how we pictured it.

Both kids apparently had some type of tummy bug and had to stay home from school the next day, and Kaitlynn even had to miss another day after that. They were so sick that there were times when they would be vomiting at the exact same time, every 20-30 minutes or so for the first full day. Horrible!

Sometimes the best medicine is cuddling with Mom.

It was a rough start to the new year, but both kids finally recovered. By the time Kaitlynn could return to school, she had forgotten the way to her new classroom so Connor had to escort her!

Their 2nd day of school on the (actual) 4th day of school. Much better!