Monday, August 1, 2016

The BIG 4-0!

As much as I may have dreaded it, my 40th birthday arrived at the end of February. We didn't have any plans to celebrate, but Jeff and the kids has some little surprises up their sleeve.

While I slept during the night before my birthday, Jeff quietly woke the kids in the middle of the night so they could do some stealth birthday decorating!

Jeff later sent me this middle-of-the-night pic while they were decorating. Look at those sleepy eyes!

Jeff and the kids did such a great job decorating. I woke up the morning of my 40th birthday to such fun surprises!

I walked though this doorway, my first clue to the birthday surprises.

Look how fun!

Flowers, balloons, and "40th birthday" decorations were all over the place!

The decorations everywhere gave me such a big smile! And then learning later that they had decorated in the middle of the night was so neat. Jeff told me that after they had sleepily decorated for about 10 minutes, Kaitlynn asked, "Can we go back to bed now?" Ha!

Once everyone woke up, the kids were excited to give me a few presents.

The kids were excited to present me with some gifts.

They had planned a little trick on me by giving me a big box of random things, but the best gift was waiting at the end. Jeff surprised me with my very first blue Tiffany box! I was shocked and excited at his sweet and thoughtful gift, a beautiful diamond heart necklace. I love it!

I put on my new necklace and then we headed out for a birthday breakfast for my favorite breakfast tacos. Afterwards, we came home for some cookie cake decorated with my favorite colors. I love all the special touches that made my day so fun.

My birthday breakfast was a trip for my favorite breakfast tacos. You can also see my new Tiffany necklace :-)

My 40th birthday cookie cake, yum!!

I'm so thankful that I was able to spend my milestone birthday surrounded by my sweet hubby and kiddos. They made the day so special for me! I still can't believe I'm 40, but I hear it gets better from here!