Monday, June 9, 2014

He Stole her Heart, so She Stole his Last Name

Last month, the Morgan family was lucky enough to be blessed with a new addition to the family. My youngest brother, Ben, married the girl of his dreams and we couldn't have been more excited for the happy couple!

Man and Wife at the alter.

Love the rays of light shining down on the happy couple!

All smiles!

Ben and his WIFE, Charlotte, had a beautiful, Pinterest-inspired, rustic wedding in a remote area of Georgia called Camp Juliette Low, where Charlotte spent much of her childhood as a camper and camp counselor. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking! Despite a pesky, rainy, cold front that brought record cool temperatures to the area in the middle of May, Ben and Charlotte's closest family and friends enjoyed every moment of the special weekend celebrating their union as husband and wife. Below is a recap and some photos (that don't do any justice whatsoever) from our time with Ben and Charlotte during their amazing wedding weekend.

When we first arrived for the Rehearsal at Camp Juliette Low, the sun was setting on a gorgeous evening in the Georgia countryside. The cousins were so excited to see each other and participate in Ben and Charlotte's wedding weekend.

Kaitlynn, Madison, and Marissa walking in for the Rehearsal. Everyone always thinks they're sisters instead of cousins. Love the girly poses!

When we arrived to the cabin where the ceremony would take place, it was perfect timing to see Ben and Charlotte taking their places.

My brother Ben at the Rehearsal watching his future Bride walk towards him down the aisle.

There she is, the Bride-to-be!

MeMe and Granddaddy at the Rehearsal.

My handsome brother outside at the Rehearsal.

And just look at this gorgeous Bride-to-be! Love her!

The lovebirds, always goofing off and being silly. They're a PERFECT match!

Ben and his groomsmen.

After the Rehearsal, we made the drive to a beautiful restaurant called The Canyon Grill which sits atop Lookout Mountain in scenic Georgia. My mom, with just a little help from the rest of us girls, did a great job organizing some special touches for the dinner and we all enjoyed a special evening together celebrating Ben and Charlotte.

The happy couple at their Rehearsal Dinner.

MeMe and Granddaddy at the Rehearsal Dinner.

Ben and Charlottle at the head table with some of the Pinterest-inspired tablescape ideas.

The sign-in table with more Pinterest ideas, so cute!

The cousins were happily occupied with their activity notebooks -- a lifesaver for the 3-hour dinner with restless kiddos!

Connor decorated his activity notebook in true BOY fashion, ha!

Each of the kids were asked to fill out some thoughts for the happy couple. We were all caught a little offguard by Connor's remarks. Wait for it...

On the morning of the wedding, the dreaded cold front starting moving through and it was even worse than expected. We had all packed for spring weather with sandals and sundresses, but it was below 50 degrees for the mid-day wedding. It was SO COLD and wet on top of that!! The wedding guests were scrambling to find blankets, rain jackets, and anything they could use for warmth to make it though the chilly afternoon.

Me and my kiddos dressed and ready for the wedding. Hard to tell but it was COLD!!

Connor took this picture of Jeff and I before the wedding.

To take their minds off the cold, Jeff led the girls in some impromptu dance lessons.

That's right, twirl like this!

This picture cracked me up!! Jeff and Connor with their ballerina poses, and Kaitlynn in a blurry twirl. Love it!

Our shoulders may have shivered and our teeth may have chattered, but the wedding ceremony quickly warmed us all with the love that was shared inside that rustic cabin. There was no shortage of smiles for the happy couple!

You can just see the love, can't you?

My gorgeous sister-in-law!

Love this photo of the Morgan family!

After the wedding, we all walked over to the Reception area to enjoy a YUMMY lunch and more celebrations with the newlyweds. The chilly weather made it a little tough for the kiddos, but of course, wedding cupcakes made it all worth it! ;-)

Ben and Charlotte at their wedding reception.

Kaitlynn enjoying one of the wedding cupcakes. YUM!

Jeff was cold and desperate enough to wear Granddaddy's Longhorn jacket. Granddaddy made sure to request a pic, ha!

The weekend passed by too quickly and before we knew it, we were on the plane back home to Katy. I was sad to see everyone go, but so thankful for such an awesome weekend celebrating Ben and Charlotte!

Sign of a successful trip -- passed out from exhaustion on the plane ride home.