Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kaitlynn's Musical Solo

In January, Kaitlynn's entire elementary school hosted the 1st grade musical with all 200-ish students in her grade. The musical was called Big Beautiful Planet and was a series of songs and videos featuring the precious 1st graders. They had been preparing for weeks and were all so excited to show off their skills.

To our surprise, Kaitlynn came home earlier in the year talking about a solo that she would be singing in the musical alongside her best friend, Dominique. She had a CD with the song and a print out of the words so that she could practice. I wasn't sure exactly what "solo" meant...would she be singing with a small group of classmates, or was it truly a solo she would sing by herself? As I've mentioned before, Kaitlynn isn't the best communicator at times so I never knew what to expect. But Kaitlynn took her "solo" seriously and practiced at home over and over. Her song was called "Evergreen, Everblue" and she worked hard to memorize her lines.

On the day of the musical, the parents were invited to attend 2 separate performances. The first was in the morning during school and was performed in front of the other grade level students. I attended that performance and couldn't wait to hear Kaitlynn and Dominique's solos. I ran into Dominique's mom as the parents were taking their seats, and I learned that she had NO idea of the solo. We laughed at our funny girls and their lack of communication skills, ha!

When it was time for their song, Dominique and Kaitlynn stepped forward to their very own microphone. They seemed a little nervous, but their music teacher seemed to quietly give them some reassurance before they song began. I saw Kaitlynn nod her head, take a deep breath, and appear to prepare herself.

Dominique and Kaitlynn up front and center for their musical solos.

It's quite the understatement when I say that the girls sang BEAUTIFULLY!! I had tears in my eyes from feeling so proud of Kaitlynn's performance!

Later that evening, the kids met after school for the 2nd performance in front of parents and families. I couldn't wait to see Kaitlynn in action again, and this time, her sweet Daddy would get to hear her!

The 1st graders during the musical performance. I couldn't fit all 200 of them into my frame!

Bad picture, but here's a shot of Dominique and Kaitlynn stepping up to the microphone.

I recorded the evening performance on video. It makes me smile so big every time I hear those sweet voices!

Through this experience, I learned that Kaitlynn seems to have the performance "bug" because she just ate up every moment of her 15 seconds of fame, ha! We were so proud of her hard work and incredible solo.

Dominique and Kaitlynn stole the show!
A class photo after the musical.

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