Monday, March 20, 2017

Summertime Play Dates

Summertime means extra time to spend with friends and lots of fun play dates! I found a random collection of summertime play date photos to share from last summer.

Kaitlynn's friend, Lauren, celebrated her birthday with a princess tea party. So fun to dress up for all the girls!

Love this picture of Kaitlynn helping Lauren blow out her birthday candle.

Another summer birthday party where Kaitlynn was able to meet up with her sweet friend, Sophia.

On another occasion, Sophia came over and they promptly went into dress-up mode.

Kaitlynn and Sophia were proud of their snack invention -- goldfish grapes, ha!

Little princesses.

Play time at Chuck E. Cheese with Connor's good buddy, Parker.

They can put away a TON of pizza...and tokens! We're up to 3000 tickets!!

Connor and his buddy, Felipe, playing in the backyard.
Kaitlynn and her sweet friend, Dominique, strike a pose during a summertime play date.

Pool time is a favorite activity on a hot summer day.

More swimming, this time at night with lights!

Friday night gymnastics clinics are always a fun way to meet up with friends.

Cute little tumblers!

It's always a treat to be reunited with the Aasmyr kids!

Breakfast of donuts outside!

Swim time with Felipe and Jayden.

Their jump poses -- love these boys!

My girl, always with the pose!

Love this sweet smile!!

Custard date with my girl, the perfect summertime treat.

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