Monday, March 6, 2017

Kaitlynn Turns 7!

Kaitlynn was a great sport about spending the majority of her birthday in the car as we drove home from Gulf Shores. As soon as we made it home, she knew there were some birthday presents waiting for her and she was ready to dive in!

Opening one of her gifts and realizing she now has enough money to buy the new American Girl doll that she's been saving for!

Another gift for her dolls. Who's birthday is this anyway? haha

A birthday ice cream treat.

She asked for a "birthday haul" which is something she sees a lot on YouTube, and it's just a big box of multiple smaller gifts. We did our best to comply!

After opening her birthday gifts, Kaitlynn was SO excited to realize that she had enough money with her savings to buy the 2016 American Girl of the year, Lea Clark. She had been saving since Christmas, so she was super excited! The day after Kaitlynn's birthday, we drove to the American Girl store so that Kaitlynn could purchase her new doll. She was so happy!

Picking her out.

Counting out coins and dollars for the cashier.

Finally, she has her very own Lea!

It was only a few days later that we were back at the AG store again, this time to meet up with Kaitlynn's all-time bestie, Anais. We had a nice birthday lunch for Kaitlynn, and then Anais was able to come back for a sleepover so that these long lost friends could have some much-needed time together.

Birthday lunch at the AG café.

Donuts for breakfast while wearing fancy dresses.

Pool time!

Sweet photo of these best friends before Anais went back home.

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