Monday, March 13, 2017

First week of summer camps 2016

The summer of 2016 was off to a great start, but both kids were ready for much more fun ahead with summer camps and activities.

For the first full week of summer camp, Connor was SO excited to pack his bags for his first true overnight camp. You may remember that we sent Connor away for an overnight camp last summer, and he had fun but probably wasn't quite ready for the experience. This time around, Connor was joining up with one of his best buddies, Benjamin, to attend a 4-night Christian summer camp at Carolina Creek in Huntsville. They were traveling with a large group of kids from a nearby church, and they couldn't wait for all the fun that was in store.

All packed and ready for camp!

While Connor was away at summer camp, Kaitlynn was headed to a full week of gymnastics camp at Westwood. Not only would she be practicing her tumbling skills everyday, but she would also be able to enjoy a full week of circus-themed fun, including inflatables, petting zoo, games, competitions, and of course, all kinds of snacks and treats. She was in heaven!

Both Connor and Kaitlynn couldn't wait for their first camp of the summer.

A pre-camp selfie.

Jeff ended up taking Connor to the church for the group's departure, and he said they seemed excited about their week ahead. And Kaitlynn, of course, was all smiles for her first day of gymnastics camp.

Kaitlynn arrived to her camp and was greeted by a cool inflatable!

It took over a day for Julie and I to figure out how to find the camp updates so we could check on how our boys were doing at Carolina Creek, so we were both nervous and wanting to hear how things were going. We finally figured out how to find photos and videos online, and we were thrilled to see big smiles on the boys' faces! I even found a quick video of Connor taking a HUGE leap off a pier into the lake below. So cool!

Group photo of Connor and Benjamin's cabin.

Connor's cabin does a silly photo.

Big smiles from these boys.

Lunch time!

Connor took the BIG plunge into the lake!

I have to admit, we were really missing Connor after his 4 nights of camp. When it was finally time to pick him up, we were so ready to welcome him home. I picked Kaitlynn up from her gymnastics camp and we headed over to meet the bus of camp kids at the church. I had heard that many of the families would welcome their kids with signs and treats, so we made sure to prepare for his homecoming as best we could.

Kaitlynn befriended several sweet girls during her awesome week of camp.

A fun way to welcome home our boy.

Kaitlynn and I couldn't wait to welcome Connor home.

We grabbed our sign and some treats for Connor, and we met Julie's family at the church so that we could see the camp bus arriving home. It was so exciting when the bus finally pulled up, and I couldn't wait to hug my boy. There may have been some tears on my part! :-)

The welcoming crew for Connor and Benjamin.

Welcome home!

I had big smiles and maybe some tears when I finally saw my little man!

We were so happy to have him back!

Benjamin and his family.

Connor and Benjamin loved their welcome home treats.

Connor had the absolute best week at Carolina Creek -- awesome camp activities and uplifting worship all week long! He was on such a high when he returned and begged to go again next summer. We were so happy that he had such a great experience and was able to grow personally and spiritually as well. He and Benjamin were all smiles and are already planning next summer's trip to the same camp.

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