Thursday, March 9, 2017

Kevin's birthday, Father's Day, and some other randoms

One of the things I've struggled with as the older boys have become adults is that I no longer seem to have any good family photos to share of them. Kevin celebrated a BIG milestone birthday recently, and this was the only photo I managed to capture. That would be Kevin handing his driver's license over so that the waiter could check his age. That's right, Kevin turned 21 and is now a fully LEGAL adult!

Kevin handing over his driver's license to the waiter.

This wasn't from his birthday but I love this picture of Kevin and the kids.

Kevin became our summertime babysitter when Jeff and I were both working. Perfect arrangement!

Soon after Kevin's birthday, we were celebrating again, this time for Father's Day. We enjoyed a nice lunch for Jeff and then he opened some gifts.

Father's Day 2016

Great photo but I guess it was a little sunny!

At lunch, Kaitlynn took this photo of Jeff and me. Love this!

Jeff's most appropriate Father's Day gift, HA!

Sweet selfie with my littles on Father's Day.

And now for some random photos and updates that I couldn't help but throw in.

Connor and I went to one of his doctor's appointments and parked on the top floor of the garage. When we were seated in the doctor's office, we looked out the window and spotted our car. We thought this was hilarious!

I was cleaning up the house and found this random note lying around. AWWWWW!

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