Thursday, March 2, 2017

Gulf Shores 2016

The summer of 2016 started off with a bang! It was only a few days into the summer break when we made our annual trip to Gulf Shores to hang out with our entire family. Thanks to the generosity of MeMe and Grandaddy, we look so forward to this trip with all of the wonderful memories made every summer.

The only problem, every single summer, is that I have no idea how to wade through the hundreds of photos and narrow them down to the select few that make the blog. It's a great problem to have, but it makes for some LONG blog posts!

Blessed beyond measure!

Our group has talked about modifying our destination one of these years, but we all agree that we just love the Caribe resort in Gulf Shores and nothing comes close to comparison. We never run out of activities and we continue to be blessed by beautiful weather each year that we visit. The beaches are so beautiful!

Silly cousins and grandparents!

Jeff wasted no time with his sand-carving. He spends hours getting it just right!

Ryah with her bucket of sea treasures.

I think this was the only pic of Jeff and me the entire trip, oops!

Jeff went back to his sand-carving and even bedazzled the Texans bull with some seashells.

Ryah always finds the coolest sea life.

Kaitlynn and Marissa are rarely apart.

Connor was going through a dabbing phase, ha!

Madison did some body surfing.

As much as the kids love the beach, they usually say that their favorite activity while in Gulf Shores is to hang out at all of the various pools around the resort. There are so many different pools on the property and each has unique features to enjoy, so the cousins just hop from pool to pool all throughout the days.

Marissa and Kaitlynn loved being mermaids.

Hilarious face -- going from the hot tub to the pool is a bit chilly!

Love love love this pic of my Dad!

Jeff the jungle gym.

Kaitlynn and her Grandaddy.

A short-lived thunderstorm called for some indoor pool time.

MeMe and Grandaddy waiting out the storm.

The solution for indoor pool chlorine fumes, ha!

Back in the spacious condos, our group always gathers for lunches mid-day along with a break from the sun. Grandaddy is usually able to find some cousins to play games with, and we also take turns with dinner responsibility to enjoy a variety of meals throughout the week.

A group game of Dominos. Grandaddy is in heaven playing games with his kids!

Grandaddy's good luck charm.

One of the highlights every year -- the crab hunt led by Uncle Chris! Always my favorite group photo!

Marissa conked out before the crab hunt but was able to shake it off so she could go with the group.

These two are always ready to strike a pose.

I woke up one morning to find Connor and Kaitlynn asleep like this. Awww!

Sunday church service at the condo.

Kaitlynn and Marissa built a fort.

More game time with Grandaddy.

This year's Gulf Shores trip was incredibly special as MeMe and Grandaddy celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary together! We were honored to be with them on their special day, and we're so blessed and lucky to experience this amazing trip with our extended family year after year. Thanks, MeMe and Grandaddy!!

Happy Anniversary!!

MeMe and Grandaddy with their 7 grands.

On the last night of our trip, we had to work in a little birthday celebration for Kaitlynn. Her actual birthday was the following day, but we wanted to make sure she could celebrate with her cousins. We ordered her favorite ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and the cousins were happy to celebrate with her.

Kaitlynn's birthday cake from the local Dairy Queen, yummy! Love her smile!

Kaitlynn loves celebrating her birthday with her cousins.

One of Kaitlynn's birthday presents -- beach accessories for her doll, perfect!

Enjoying birthday cake and her presents on the balcony.

Before we headed home, our group made the annual stop at Lambert's Café in Foley. We love the atmosphere and food but mostly we love the "throwed rolls" which is so fun for all of us. This year, it happened to be Kaitlynn's birthday, so we asked the waitress to recognize our girl, which was a surprise to her! Here's a quick video from Kaitlynn's birthday cake and then her birthday shout-out at Lambert's.

Our annual trip to Lambert's café with the throwed rolls. Always a laugh before we head home!

Our birthday girl on the long drive home.

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