Saturday, August 5, 2017


Yet another awesome 5th grade experience for Connor last year was BizTown, which is a miniature "city" set up by the Junior Achievement foundation to allow kids to simulate working a job and managing their finances. BizTown is set up with all kinds of different businesses and storefronts, and the kids are assigned jobs based on their interests. They are given responsibilities and salaries based on their positions, and then they spend a day "working" in those jobs with all the associated financial duties. Banking, paying bills, and saving money are all a part of the BizTown experience, so it's a great learning opportunity for the students. They all fully embrace their jobs for the day and have so much fun running their own miniature city.

The 5th graders learn all about their upcoming BizTown opportunities and responsibilities.

Connor and his 5th grade colleagues.

Selfie with my boy during the BizTown job fair.

My friend Chrissy and I were in charge of City Hall at BizTown.

As a parent volunteer, I was assigned to work in the BizTown City Hall with the other city employees. We helped to assist the kiddos with their jobs and responsibilities throughout the day. And let me just say, our city police officers had SO much fun issuing tickets to their fellow citizens all day, ha!

Connor had the BEST experience at BizTown with his assigned role as the BizTown radio station DJ! It was right up his alley as the provider of entertainment to the town all day long.

Connor and his fellow radio station employees.

DJ Connor reads one of the town ads on air.

Picking the perfect music was another part of the gig.

My boy and I at BizTown.

I loved sharing this experience with my 5th grader!

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