Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2016 Houston Texans Games

It's time for a recap of yet another season with our beloved Houston Texans team. Our hopes for the 2016 season were high with our new QB, but things went south quickly one interception at a time. Just like in years past, we always manage to have such fun enjoying the games regardless of our team's record.

Jeff enjoyed the Liberty White-Out game with 3 of his kiddos.

Love this.

Our Texans season tickets are always a great opportunity to spend time with friends and enjoy a special experience as a family. We take turns attending games and sometimes even have a chance to bring along great friends. Here's a photo recap from the season.

The tailgate crew.

Bad angle selfie, ha!

Another group pic from our usual tailgate spot.

Jeff and Connor brought along our neighbors/friends, Rob and Ryan.

Sweet Daddy and his girl.

This game was so fun with our three 7-yr-olds in the group.

These two!

A fun Toro sighting!

This is what happens when you leave your phone unlocked and set it down while going to the bathroom!

Our annual game with Tom and Jennifer.

Love the front row seats.

Our token cold game of the season. Brrrrrr.

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