Sunday, June 18, 2017

Grandparents Visit #3

To wrap up the Fall 2017 Tour of the Grandparents (haha), my mom and dad visited us in late October. They drove down one weekend to, what else, see Connor play football and watch Kaitlynn do some tumbling.

I didn't manage to take many pictures from our adventures, but what I did capture was lots of indoor fun and games. It's no secret that Grandaddy LOVES playing games, and Connor and Kaitlynn are always easy targets to join him. On this trip, Grandaddy brought a new game with him called Uno Attack. We didn't understand why it wasn't working until we realized it WAS working -- it spits out cards at you and you never know who the next victim will be!

Kaitlynn and MeMe learning the new game.

More Uno Attack. Lots of laughs with this game.

Uh-oh, is it broken?

Nope, it's working as expected and making victims of us all, ha!

Quick pic before church.

We couldn't believe our luck, to have had visits from all 3 sets of grandparents in a 6-week period of time. We're so blessed by our parents and love every second we get to spend our lives with them!

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