Monday, June 12, 2017

Grandparents Visit #1

Last fall, we were beyond blessed to have a special visit from all THREE sets of Connor and Kaitlynn's grandparents! We couldn't wait to host our parents and let them experience a weekend in our busy lives.

First up was Jeff's dad, Jerry, and stepmom Cheryl. It was their first visit to see us in Katy and we LOVED sharing our lives here with them. They were able to step right into our busy schedules, including football practice and tumbling classes. They even came up to the elementary school to visit the kids at lunch time. Such a treat for Connor and Kaitlynn to show their grandparents around and have them here for a fun-filled long weekend!

Watching the evening Falcons football practice.

Cheering Kaitlynn on at her weekly tumbling class. Even Kevin was able to make it!

Joining Kaitlynn at school for lunch.

She felt so special to have her grandparents visit!

Love this picture of Connor joining us for lunch. He only wanted to hang with us for a few minutes so that he could return to the kids' table with his friends.

Kaitlynn and Grandpa Jerry.

Kaitlynn loved the attention from her grandparents.

Jerry and Cheryl picked a CRAZY weekend to join us -- right in the middle of football season. Connor just so happened to have 2 football games scheduled for the weekend that they were here, so there was lots of action and running around on the weekend. On the day of the games, we were experiencing record heat in the area which made for miserable spectator conditions. The grandparents were major troopers, taking it all in without a single complaint. We later commented on how great they were holding up despite the weather and hectic schedule. It was clear that Connor and Kaitlynn were lucky to have such "hearty" grandparents!

Love this photo of Jeff with his dad and Cheryl.

Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Cheryl with Connor at his afternoon football game.

Enjoying an evening swim to cool off after a scorcher of a day!

To add to our already crazy weekend, Jeff and I were so excited to be able to bring Jerry and Cheryl along with us to Sunday's Houston Texans game. It was their first NFL game and they picked a great one! There's just nothing like the energy and excitement of the fan experience at these games, and we felt so lucky to be able to share it with family.

Our tailgating crew before the game.

They were so cute watching all of the pre-game activities. Such excitement!

Jeff and his Dad.

Our crew at the Texans game.

Post-Texans game family meal.

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