Thursday, May 25, 2017

Dab Your Ballot!

In the fall of Connor's 5th grade year, he decided he wanted to run for Student Council of his 5th grade class. This is another privilege reserved only for 5th graders and he was excited at the opportunity to campaign and go through the election.

The kids running for election were required to create a campaign poster and video using their slogan or any other ideas they had. At the time, the "dab" was all the rage, and Connor wanted to incorporate dabbing in his campaign video. For anyone that doesn't know what dabbing means, Connor would be more than happy to demonstrate, ha!

Connor loves to dab at WoodCreek.

After deciding to run for Student Council President, Connor settled on his campaign slogan: "Dab your ballot for Connor Courtright!" It cracked me up, and it was perfect for him!

For his campaign video, Connor decided to put together a video compilation of himself dabbing in various situations. He really wanted his video to be funny and make his friends laugh. We had a lot of fun brainstorming ideas and filming the video, with several different video clips of Connor dabbing in random situations -- eating breakfast, waking up in the morning, walking down the street, and even jumping into the pool. In the end, Connor was happy with his submission and definitely got some laughs from his classmates.

Connor didn't win the election for President, but his class was well represented by a great group of girls to lead the 5th grade. Instead of holding an office, Connor joined the Student Council as his 5th grade class representative and had a great time with the rest of the group. It was a neat experience for him, and he still has this super cool campaign poster at home!


Connor standing in front of his campaign poster while it was hanging in the cafeteria.

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