Monday, June 24, 2019

Exploring Phuket: A Typical Day on Vacation

We were fortunate enough to spend a full week in Phuket. At first I wondered how we would fill the days, but it didn't take long before we found so many fun things to do and we wanted to make sure to fit it all in. Between the big excursions for the elephant sanctuary and Phi Phi Island tour, we spent several days of relaxation with some random little activities mixed in. A typical day during our week in Phuket looked a little something like this.

First up, our daily walk down the beach to the hotel serving a buffet breakfast. Kaitlynn made sure to enjoy the rope swings during each trip, and she always excused herself from breakfast early to get in more time on the swings.

Our breakfast spot was open to the breeze and had beautiful views of the ocean. Exactly the type of place you envision while enjoying a beach vacation.

When we had a couple of hours to relax, we took advantage of the resort pool shared by the condo guests. The water was perfectly cool in the Thai sun and the view couldn't be beat.

For the several days that we had the motorbike rentals, we enjoyed taking long rides around the area near our condo. We never got tired of the adventurous rides and incredible sights along the way.

We just never knew what we might find on our rides, but we never got tired of the stunning views around every curve.

We ventured out quite a bit and discovered neat places to stop and eat enjoy a meal together. The kids loved that they could order sodas and Connor even enjoyed a steak one day at lunch.

But maybe the best part of all was just the together time as a family. Inevitably the kids would tease each other and end up in some sort of wrestle match with lots of giggles along the way. A big joke from the trip is that Connor and Kaitlynn were always wanting to retreat to their room to "relax" and the older boys gave them such a hard time about it. These are the times when we remember why we go to such great lengths (and expense) to take trips as a family.

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