Monday, March 27, 2017

Pine Cove 2016

Our summers wouldn't feel complete without the kids' favorite camp, Pine Cove! They love this week of camp so much and come home every day wiped out from all the fun.

Welcome to Pine Cove Camp in the City!

Kaitlynn was thrilled to be cabin-mates with one of her favorite friends, Libby.

Sweet girls at camp.

Love this photo of Connor enjoying one of the waterslides.

Kaitlynn and the girls during worship time.

Kaitlynn was having so much fun that she almost lost her swimsuit, ha!

Connor's cabin of boys enjoyed the many games.

They were serious and ready to battle.

Kaitlynn with her group and cabin leader.

Here's the official cabin photo for Kaitlynn's group.

Cabin photo of Connor's group.

More play time.

At the end of the camp, the kids and parents love to come together and celebrate the amazing week of camp. The camp counselors celebrate each camper by presenting them with a certificate of Character Qualities that are unique for each child. Such an amazing week for all!

Libby and Kaitlynn at the closing ceremony.

Kaitlynn with her sweet camp counselor.

Presentation of character qualities.

Connor with his counselor.

One last ride on Shamu before leaving Pine Cove.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

More Summer Fun

When I wasn't working and when the kids weren't in summer camps, we tried to pack in some fun activities to enjoy throughout the summer. Here is another random collection of photos from some of our 2016 summer fun.

On one of our fun summer days, the kids and I made a trip to Dave and Busters for some games, prizes, and then some fro-yo.

Welcome to Dave and Busters. Kaitlynn's doll Lea Clark was along for the ride.

Connor loved the racing games.

They won enough tickets to buy some junk prizes, ha!

Time for a fro-yo treat.

Summertime selfie during our fun day!

One of our favorite summer activities in 2016 was the new waterpark Typhoon Texas that opened near our neighborhood. With season passes, we visited the park on MANY occasions and it was the perfect way to cool off during the hot summer!

Taking a snack break at the waterpark.

You never know when you'll run into the lazy river! Evan and Kaitlynn are great friends from school, such cuties!

Selfie at Typhoon Texas.

Last July, we also made our annual trip to see Dr. Pope, who has been the kids' pediatrician from the time they were both born. Hard to believe we went from infants to these big kids in what seems like a week. Since his office is on our old side of town, we plan to switch offices for next year so this was likely our last visit to this office. Sniff sniff!

My big kids at the doctor's office for their annual well visit.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Summertime Play Dates

Summertime means extra time to spend with friends and lots of fun play dates! I found a random collection of summertime play date photos to share from last summer.

Kaitlynn's friend, Lauren, celebrated her birthday with a princess tea party. So fun to dress up for all the girls!

Love this picture of Kaitlynn helping Lauren blow out her birthday candle.

Another summer birthday party where Kaitlynn was able to meet up with her sweet friend, Sophia.

On another occasion, Sophia came over and they promptly went into dress-up mode.

Kaitlynn and Sophia were proud of their snack invention -- goldfish grapes, ha!

Little princesses.

Play time at Chuck E. Cheese with Connor's good buddy, Parker.

They can put away a TON of pizza...and tokens! We're up to 3000 tickets!!

Connor and his buddy, Felipe, playing in the backyard.
Kaitlynn and her sweet friend, Dominique, strike a pose during a summertime play date.

Pool time is a favorite activity on a hot summer day.

More swimming, this time at night with lights!

Friday night gymnastics clinics are always a fun way to meet up with friends.

Cute little tumblers!

It's always a treat to be reunited with the Aasmyr kids!

Breakfast of donuts outside!

Swim time with Felipe and Jayden.

Their jump poses -- love these boys!

My girl, always with the pose!

Love this sweet smile!!

Custard date with my girl, the perfect summertime treat.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Daycation and Vacation Bible School

For our next week of summer fun, Connor and Kaitlynn attended Daycation at Houston's First Baptist Church. We were excited about this week of camp because Connor would be able to hang out with Brady and Tanner while attending the week of Vacation Bible School. We don't get to see the Watkins kids as often as we like, so Connor was really excited to have the chance to hang out with his buddies for the week.

Courtright and Watkins kids ready for VBS.

The kids at the VBS family celebration.

Smiles from our crew.

As part of their week of Daycation camp, the kids attended VBS in the mornings and then had separate activities in the afternoons. Kaitlynn chose cheerleading as her afternoon activity while the boys all signed up for basketball. At the end of the week, the boys participated in a basketball tournament while the girls cheered them on.

Kaitlynn took her cheerleading performance seriously and chose the perfect outfit.

Cheering for the boys' basketball team.

The basketball teams even had their own banner to run through.

Time for some basketball.

Daycation 2016 was fun for the kids and allowed us Moms to enjoy some together-time as well. We agreed by the end of the week that our 5th graders were probably getting too old for this type of camp, so 2016 was likely our last year for Daycation. Sniff sniff!